Oxygen Benefits & Facts:

Oxygen is essential for both life and energy. Without oxygen we die in minutes, while one can survive without water for a few days and without food for literally weeks. There are four components, which support our bodies' life processes. They are water, carbohydrates, protein and energy. All four of these components have one thing in common - OXYGEN!

Hydrogen + Oxygen = Water
Carbon + Hydrogen + Oxygen = Carbohydrates
Nitrogen + Carbon + Hydrogen + Oxygen = Protein
Oxygen + Carbohydrates = Energy

The body's most plentiful source of oxygen is the air we breathe. But that source is rapidly diminishing. Scientific studies have shown that the earth's air once contained 30 - 40 % oxygen. It is now estimated that the air we breathe contains only 20%. In urban environments or other areas that are polluted, that percentage is much smaller - 15%. While the available oxygen has decreased, our bodies need for it has not. The stressful lives many people lead today further rob the body of oxygen to be used for healthful generation and energy. Higher quantities of oxygen are needed by the body to detoxify itself through oxidation of accumulated toxins. Lower available oxygen levels are in part responsible for higher incidence of degenerative diseases such as cancer, chronic fatigue, heart disease, arthritis, and premature aging.

Benefits of increased oxygen include:

bulletHigher energy levels
bulletGreater mental awareness and concentration
bulletStronger immune systems to fight infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites
bulletGreater ability for the body to detoxify itself
bulletA calming effect on the body's nervous system

Since all of the body’s activities are regulated by oxygen, the making of sufficient levels of oxygen available to every part of the body promotes optimum health and a person's ability to think and act effectively. Just as the body's need for sufficient healthy foods and exercise are important.   The body's need for sufficient levels of oxygen has also been firmly established to be extremely important.

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