Oxygen Shot






Ever feel like you could use a blast of Oxygen? Try the refreshing sports boost, Oxygen Shot!!!

    After a hard workout, championship sports event or other outdoor activities, use Oxygen Shot for an energy boost. The Oxygen Shot vapor is a quick recovery therapy that rejuvenates and energizes the entire body. An Oxygen Shot to the face and mouth restores you to a healthy condition. If you feel weak or overheated after strenuous exercise, use Oxygen Shot and instantly you will feel refreshed and recharged. Not only the obvious benefits of oxygen but keep Oxygen Shot chilled and feel its cooling abilities. Oxygen Shot is perfect for outdoor activities sunbathing, the beach, running, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and perfect for relief from jet lag. To restore vigor and hydrate your body, pick up your supply of Oxygen Shot today. Use Oxygen Shot immediately after or during strenuous exercise, if you feel faint, weak or overheated. Contains no preservatives, dyes, perfumes, colors, CFC's or aerosols. ALL NATURAL

Oxygen Shot:

bulletRelieves Fatigue - Use during or after exercise.
bulletHydrates Skin - Use when you have sun exposure.
bulletRejuvenator - Use when you are tired, worn out or exhausted.
bulletWake - Up Remedy - Use when you are groggy or hung - over.
bulletStimulates Cools and refreshes your skin to a healthy condition.
bulletFirst Aid Feel faint or use to wash cuts, scratches and burns.
bulletCleanser - To clean and oxygenate the skin.
bulletMoisturizer - To wet and moisturize dry thirsty skin.
bulletRestores Vigor - Feel the healing power of oxygen vapor.

Benefits and Facts about Oxygen Shot